Top 5 questions to ask before making an offer on a property

If you’re looking to purchase property in the near future (or even distant future) we wanted to make sure you’re making an informed decision. In this light we thought it best to ask our staff what they thought the most important questions to ask were when purchasing a property.

The following are dG Real Estate’s Top 5 Questions to ask when purchasing real estate.

  1. Are all the improvements on the land approved by the local authority?

Love the north facing extension on that home you’re about to put an offer on? You could be in for a shock when council forces you to tear down your lovely extension because its an unapproved structure.

  1. When was the last timber pest inspection undertaken?

Termites. What more do we need to say, they’re good at hiding and can undermine the entire structural integrity of the building. To cover all bases when you make an offer include a ‘Timber Pest Inspection’ condition.

  1. What are the neighbours like?

Does the young couple on the corner throw a party every other weekend? Does the local park double as a community yahoo hangout? Asking these simple and straightforward questions can be a good indicator of what you’regetting yourself into. Mavis next door might think her trash is treasure, but that won’t help with street aesthetics.

  1. Are there any major developments planned for the area you’re looking to buy in?

That beautiful garden may not be so enjoyable to sit in once a major highway goes through two doors down.

  1. What will remain in the property when sold?

All your books won’t be so easy to read when you must store them in a box!  Turns out that book case you thought was fixed to the wall was a piece of standalone furniture and followed the sellers out the door to their new home.


We hope some of these have got you thinking about your next purchase and hopefully we can be a part of it!

– Team dG

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