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Don’t Wait – Buy Now

As predicted, the McGowan government’s decision to extend the emergency response provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) now to end in late March has helped shape a rental shortage into a rental crisis.

A potent combination of subdued investor activity for several years, massive foreign investment taxes, subdued yields and capital value losses has combined with strong repatriation demand from West Australians returning home … Read the full post »

Presenting Your Home For Sale

Not unlike a first date, first impressions count. Just as you would dress to impress, smell lovely and chew with your mouth closed, presenting your home for sale ought to be preened with the same level of care.

It is a good idea to get around to completing those jobs around the house that you had been intending to do for years. Build that garden … Read the full post »

Make your offer stand out

A recent dealing with a buyer we met got me thinking about how buyers typically approach negotiations when looking for property. Most are tempted to eagerly point out the property’s apparent – and often obvious – faults. Buyers often ‘talk down’ the home’s benefits and focus on its shortcomings in an apparent precursor to justify an initial low offer.

Pointing out a property’s faults or … Read the full post »

Buying Off the Plan

Since the State Government released its Directions 2031 planning policy, local governments have grappled with planning their cities and towns in a manner that emphasises infill development rather than urban sprawl. This is no easy task (take, for example, the community reaction to the City of Subiaco’s planning policies) given our proclivity for a back yard of our own.

However, in-fill we must. Thankfully, there … Read the full post »

Is the Property Boom On?

After predicting the bottom of the market in 2017, I put that crystal ball out for verge collection and got myself a new one. Local property values have been dribbling along a very long bottom since 2015 with 63 consecutive months of negative or flat growth since that time. Buyers had been hard to find with 2018 and 2019 returning the lowest levels of sales activity for thirty … Read the full post »

Homeless not Hopeless

This week is dedicated to those 9000 or so Western Australians who didn’t have a place to call home last night.

You see evidence of homelessness everywhere every day. Many of us turn away from it, not wanting to see it, fearful of the dishevelled, the drug addicted, the anti-social behaviours, the messiness of it.

Such is the confronting nature of homelessness … Read the full post »