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COVID-19 and the Property Market

What a difference a week makes. In last week’s column I
said, “should we really be putting our lives on hold in such dramatic fashion.”
Well, it seems we ought to be and we have – more or less…. Read more »

Don’t Panic

Just like any product, property is a commodity valued by the
market it creates. As supply of housing tightens, inevitably resultant
excessive demand pushes up values and / or rents. The converse is also true,
too much supply causes soft demand … Read more »

Property Investors Crucial

Earlier this week, the Northern Territory government passed
legislation that changed their tenancy laws enabling tenants to keep pets at
rental properties without seeking the owners’ consent. This was done despite a
parliamentary committee recommending that such provisions not be introduced…. Read more »

If the Size is Right

Cast your mind back thirty years to 1990 when WA’s
population was at 1.613 million people. Nowadays, we’re at 2.72 million, a not
insignificant 68.6 per cent increase.

With such growth, one would reasonably expect the … Read more »

2020 Off to Good Start

The bottom of the market has now passed. After more than
five years of slackening values and extraordinarily low transactional activity,
all indicators demonstrate property
values are poised to rise from here.

Here’s the top reasons why prices … Read more »

Best Job Around

In recent years, commentary around local property markets
has bravely struck an optimistic tone despite the reality of the worst market
in a generation. This, in part, goes to our cultural vernacular, our collective
glass-half-full approach to most things. … Read more »

Power of Presentation

Thanks to reality
television shows, social media and digital marketing, consumers of real estate
are drawn towards beautiful, expressive, perfectly presented properties where
buyer objections are hard to justify. These aspirational homes encourage
sellers to emulate perfection with many spending significant sums … Read more »

Buying in Competition

levels are down about 12 per cent on this time last year and as demand increases,
home buyers will often find themselves making an offer to purchase in
competition with others.

have differing approaches as to how … Read more »

Perth Market Under-Valued

A recent trip to Hobart on REIWA business confirmed to me
that the WA property market is grossly under-valued when compared to the
eastern states. The hit ABC television series, Rosehaven, starring Logie Award
winner, Luke McGregor sartorially portrays life in regional … Read more »

Get Your Price Right

A significant proportion of property sellers discount their
property in order to sell. This is because most property owners have an
expectation that their property is worth more than the market sentiment and
agents have a fiduciary responsibility to maximise the selling … Read more »