Freopolitan Hayden Groves

Introducing Hayden Groves, Principal of Dethridge Groves Real Estate in Fremantle and a more genuine gentleman you will not meet.

I come from a family line of spade calling a spade types, so when you meet down to earth people like Hayden, it’s a great relief. When I learnt about Hayden’s typical day, I rapidly realized just how accommodating he is. To say Hayden is short on free time is a mild understatement. His day varies greatly so one minute he may be attending a committee meeting for Real Institute of W.A., the next sitting in front of the 6PR microphone to do live media crosses. But despite this, he made sure I felt comfortable and I could tell our time together was important to him as he happily chatted with me for longer than I could have hoped.

Victorian-born Hayden came to Western Australia following a friend’s invitation to travel with him. Hayden was at a loose end following completion of his Honours Degree in Politics, decided “why not” and made the trip over, ending with a visit to his sister’s family in Perth and ultimate decision to stay on in Fremantle because he liked it so much.

There is so much richness about the personalities in Fremantle and we are all so diverse. Fremantle people are fascinating and there are lots of interesting people.” Hayden Groves.

What I find most amusing is like so many, Hayden came to real estate by accident. An envy for relaxed and seemingly endless chats amongst three well known Fremantle realtors, drinking coffee where Hayden worked was the catalyst. That led to Hayden becoming a rookie realtor for one of the three, (just coincidentally? me thinks not). Hayden applied for a realty position with John Dethridge of Dethridge Real Estate. The interview process was a little unconventional.

For one, Hayden attended three interviews, yes you read it right, three. But then, at the final interview a major twist developed. John offered Hayden the position, and said “If you start today you will be the only one here”. A veritable win for Hayden. I was surprised and intrigued to learn that all the other agents had walked out the day before. John’s daughter had recently started working as sales secretary and his staff were raking her over the coals, citing incompetence and demanding John dismiss her immediately or they would all walk out. Well you know the rest. John called their bluff. And so began some excellent timing for Hayden because he picked up all the listings left behind by the outgoing agents. Winner.

Coming away from today’s chat with Hayden, I can see that good things do happen to good people. Hayden is serving his community and deriving a personal sense of satisfaction from pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

Hayden writes regularly too, so just google him to find out all that he does.


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