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Time to Invest?

As predicted, the McGowan government’s decision to extend the emergency response provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) for a further six months has helped shape a rental shortage into a rental crisis.

The potent combination of subdued investor activity for several years, massive foreign investment taxes, subdued yields and capital value losses has combined with strong repatriation demand from West Australians returning home. The … Read the full post »

Getting Back Your Bond

When taking on a residential tenancy, it is common for the owner to require the tenant to pay a security bond an amount normally equivalent to four weeks’ rent. 

The bond must be paid to the government Bond Administrator, a specific government managed trust account. There are severe penalties for those that fail to comply with this provision. Obviously, the purpose of the bond is … Read the full post »

Blame Me

By Hayden Groves

Several years ago, local real estate agent (now retired) Peter Sim, boldly ran full page advertisements in the local press headed, “Blame Me.” Why Peter was standing in his suit up to his ankles in the Swan River, I couldn’t tell but the message was on point; an agent acting for a client (the Principal) must take responsibility even when things go … Read the full post »

Five reasons why apartments are better than houses

Apartment living offers the mixture of a hassle-free lifestyle, convenience and security that the ownership of a house cannot match.

Buying a unit is also comparatively cheaper because it does not come with the cost of purchasing – or maintaining – an entire block of land.

Many people are turning their back on detached houses because they come with the responsibility of … Read the full post »