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Using a Property Manager, More important than ever

Property Management is more about managing the tenancy than it is about managing the property. This is apparent now, more than ever, with the legislation introduced to address residential tenancies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and makes sense, given the tenant is the one living in and caring for the property, whereas the property manager usually visits it a handful of times per year.

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Freo Funk

Perhaps I am just impatient but when will Fremantle become the city it deserves to be?

I encourage readers to take a proper walk through Fremantle, from east to west on any given weekday morning and wonder at the pleasant – albeit eclectic – urban aesthetic that makes up the built form of our city. … Read the full post »

Supply Shortens

Listing levels across Perth are down to below 11,000 houses, apartments and lots for the first time in several years. By contrast, this time last year there were close to 16,000 listings. The fall in listing stock has been quite dramatic, falling by 600 listings in a month.

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