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It Takes a Pandemic

In times of crisis, political leaders can both surprise and impress (Morrison, McGowan) or shock and horrify (Trump, Bolsonaro). The latest impressive surprise from the McGowan government is to announce sweeping changes to planning rules affecting both minor domestic houses and large-scale commercial developments.

Whilst not law yet, despite the government’s best efforts to ram through the legislation in parliament within an hour of the … Read the full post »

Investors to Return

According to Core Logic’s latest monthly data, investors comprise only 17 percent of mortgage demand across WA, the lowest level of any state or territory. By comparison, in NSW, 32 percent of all mortgages are investor loans.

But as the bullish markets of the east coast begin their retreat due to COVID-19’s economic impacts, Perth could easily become the next obvious target for property investors. … Read the full post »

Will Australia’s Property Market Crash?

House prices will definitely crash…unless they don’t. COVID-19’s health and economic ramifications has impacted all property markets albeit in different ways in different jurisdictions. The initial shock of the lockdown measures and banning of home opens, impacted immediately with thousands of east-coast auctions cancelled and sales activity dropping to about half recently averaged levels.

The big auction cities of Melbourne and Sydney scheduled 590 auctions … Read the full post »