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COVID-19 and the Property Market

What a difference a week makes. In last week’s column I
said, “should we really be putting our lives on hold in such dramatic fashion.”
Well, it seems we ought to be and we have – more or less.

The Prime Minister has banned public auctions and home opens
in order to minimise group gatherings. Real Estate agents … Read the full post »

Don’t Panic

Just like any product, property is a commodity valued by the
market it creates. As supply of housing tightens, inevitably resultant
excessive demand pushes up values and / or rents. The converse is also true,
too much supply causes soft demand and rents or values fall.

Sometimes, market sentiment predicated upon irrational
reaction to certain events or policy … Read the full post »

Property Investors Crucial

Earlier this week, the Northern Territory government passed
legislation that changed their tenancy laws enabling tenants to keep pets at
rental properties without seeking the owners’ consent. This was done despite a
parliamentary committee recommending that such provisions not be introduced.

This trend towards taking away the rights of property owners
across the country is worrying, not for landlords … Read the full post »