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Blame Me

Some years ago, local real estate agent (now retired) Peter Sim, boldly ran full page advertisements in the local press headed, “Blame Me.” Why Peter was standing in his suit up to his ankles in the Swan River, I couldn’t tell but the message was on point; an agent acting for a client (the Principal) must take responsibility even when things go wrong.

As an agent working in your community, acting … Read the full post »

Buying “Subject to Sale”

Buyers are, of course, often sellers too. Most people who decide to sell their home also look for an alternate property at the same time and may find something appealing before they have secured a buyer for their own.

Buying a property “subject to the sale of another property” is common and REIWA agents are well equipped to ensure the sale agreement is procedurally correct. Normally such agreements enable the seller … Read the full post »

Why Enlist a Property Manager?

As the Perth rental market gains some traction, it is a good time to talk about the benefits of using a property manager. Property management is more about managing the tenancy than it is about managing the property. This makes sense given the tenant is the one living in and caring for the property, whereas the property manager usually visits a handful of … Read the full post »

Foreign Buyer Tax Trap

On the lazy pretext of “everyone else is doing it”, the McGowan government introduced a new tax on foreign buyers of property as a way of raising additional revenue. About $123 million is expected to be raised over the forward estimates by charging foreigners an extra 7 per cent transfer duty on top of the original stamp duty normally payable.

At Perth’s median house price of about $500,000, that’s a tax … Read the full post »