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Use a Mortgage Broker

I read a stat the other day that quoted 60 per cent of all home and investment loans are completed by mortgage brokers. I assume the remaining 40 per cent of people go to their bank directly. The community’s preference to use a broker to assist them in choosing the right bank and loan to meet their needs seems clear.

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Be in it to Win it

It’s surprising how often buyers, upon learning their dream home has just sold, will lament not submitting an offer either because, “…we thought the owner wouldn’t have accepted it” or “…we didn’t have our pre-approval for finance yet.” Moreover, despite their interest in a property many buyers fail to convey their interest in the property to the representing agent.

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Presentation is Paramount

With the warmer months ahead of us, the busiest selling period for WA homes has arrived. Many home owners are fervently toiling away to get their homes ready for sale. Not unlike a first date first impressions count, just as you would dress to impress, smell lovely and chew with your mouth closed, your home ought to be preened with the same level of care…. Read the full post »

Why use a Property Manager?

With Summer on our doorstep, lots of investors and home owners are getting ready for the new year. Leasing activity is at its typical yearly high, and with tenants seeking to relocate to our vibrant coastal communities what better time to talk about the benefits of using a property manager?

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