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Equality Needed for First Home Buyers

When the GFC hit, the then Rudd government raised the First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG) to $14,000 for established homes and a whopping $21,000 for new builds. Whilst unsustainable long-term, the resulting economic stimulus to the building and construction sector helped carry the nation through the GFC better than any other developed economy.

This stimulus helped lift WA’s property transactions to 71,000 in a … Read the full post »

Prices to Fall with Negative Gearing Gone

With a federal election due next year, swinging voters with investment properties will more easily be able to decide which party to back.

Labor’s plan to limit negative gearing provisions to new dwellings only is premised on the idea that such a move will encourage new construction, improve supply, improve affordability and raise $500 odd million over the forward estimates. These “positive” outcomes can … Read the full post »

Duty of Disclosure

In a radio interview recently, I was asked about agent’s informing would-be buyers about a neighbours’ anti-social behaviour and if this information should be disclosed.

It was a tricky question because agents are normally acting for the seller and therefore have a legal obligation to act both under their instructions and in their best interests. Agents also have a fiduciary obligation to obtain the … Read the full post »