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Why Auction?

Market conditions remain challenging and whilst recent improvements are encouraging, the average time on market for a home in and around Fremantle remains above the long-term average. Those who need to sell and sell quickly, often opt for an auction given reported statistics for days on market for such campaigns is 28 days.

I’m an advocate for the auction process as a method of … Read the full post »

Negative Gearing Must Stay

Limiting negative gearing to newly constructed property and doubling capital gains tax remains a central plank of federal Labor’s policy platform, their argument being that the current rules lead to inequality in the community. 

There are legitimate worries that our youngsters are struggling to buy and that rents are too high in our capital cities.

However, claims that negative gearing is the main reason for … Read the full post »

Computer Valuations a Problem

At REIWA’s Fremantle Branch meeting this week, prominent local agents raised concerns over the growing number of computer generated property valuations being promoted on line and in mainstream media.

The big banks have joined in recently with ANZ promoting its on-line valuation tool suggesting buyers informed about the “value” of a property for sale are smarter and better equipped to buy their dream home. … Read the full post »


With buyers coming back into the market, many are tempted to eagerly point out the property’s apparent – and often obvious – faults. When purchasing a property, buyers often “talk down” its benefits and highlight its shortcomings in an apparent precursor to justify a lower-than-reasonable offer to purchase.

Buyer ought to know that agents love it when buyers critique a property. Give an agent the chance to “overrule an objection” and … Read the full post »