Top Tips for Buyers

Whether you’re buying your first home, your next home or your last home, it’s always an overwhelming process. We’re constantly being bombarded with a range of different information from a variety of different people. Which is why at dethridgeGROVES, we’ve made it easy for you. Our top tips for buyers aim to steer you in the right direction, and give you some clarity around the whole situation to make buying your house as easy and stress-free as possible!


Read below for some helpful hints and tips on what to look for when buying a house.


  • Get a feel for the area, imagine you already live there and are going about your daily activities.
  • Look closely at what developments or infrastructure are planned for the suburb.
  • Check out the surrounding suburbs. If your preferred suburb is just beyond your budget, consider a more affordable neighbouring suburb.
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  • Write a list of features that your new property must have: the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether you need a covered garage for your vintage car, a generous backyard for your golden retriever or energy efficient design.
  • Check with the listing Agent if you are allowed to take additional photos of the property as a point of reference for later on. It will provide you with a different outlook of the home, which you won’t be able to find elsewhere.
  • View the property on different days to get an idea of what the home and neighbourhood are like during the weekend versus weekdays.
  • Talk to the Agent and ask lots of questions. They will have expert knowledge of the market and some subtle insights that you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Organise insurance. Your lender will usually recommend you take out building and contents insurance effective from the date of settlement. This is to safeguard their interest in the property, as well as your own.
  • Arrange your final inspection. You’re entitled to inspect the property at a reasonable time, 5 business days prior to settlement. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure the property is in the same condition as when your offer was accepted. Check all the items listed in the contract are there and in the right condition.
  • Have your finance pre-approved.
  • Don’t try to be too ‘clever’, and think you can get a bargain; chances are, others will like the property too.
  • Don’t be overly critical of the property. See our Buyer Behaviour article.
  • If you’re an investor, get an opinion of likely market rent from a reliable source.

For any further information on what to look for when buying a house, or to find out about our homes for sale, contact the team at dethridgeGROVES today!