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Why Enlist a Property Manager?

As the Perth rental market gains some traction, it is a good time to talk about the benefits of using a property manager. Property management is more about managing the tenancy than it is about managing the property. This makes sense given the … Read more »

Foreign Buyer Tax Trap

On the lazy pretext of “everyone else is doing it”, the McGowan government introduced a new tax on foreign buyers of property as a way of raising additional revenue. About $123 million is expected to be raised over the forward estimates by charging foreigners an extra 7 per cent transfer … Read more »

Reveal all Buyers!

I received an agent’s flyer in my letterbox on the weekend boasting about an “off market” sale. I’m sure the seller is pleased with the result the agent achieved for them and they didn’t need to endure countless home opens and potentially weeks of uncertainty. … Read more »

Use a Mortgage Broker

I read a stat the other day that quoted 60 per cent of all home and investment loans are completed by mortgage brokers. I assume the remaining 40 per cent of people go to their bank directly. The community’s preference to use a … Read more »

Be in it to Win it

It’s surprising how often buyers, upon learning their dream home has just sold, will lament not submitting an offer either because, “…we thought the owner wouldn’t have accepted it” or “…we didn’t have our pre-approval for finance yet.” Moreover, despite their interest in … Read more »

Presentation is Paramount

With the warmer months ahead of us, the busiest selling period for WA homes has arrived. Many home owners are fervently toiling away to get their homes ready for sale. Not unlike a first date first impressions count, just as you would dress to impress, smell lovely and chew with … Read more »

Why use a Property Manager?

With Summer on our doorstep, lots of investors and home owners are getting ready for the new year. Leasing activity is at its typical yearly high, and with tenants seeking to relocate to our vibrant coastal communities what better time to talk about … Read more »

Property Investors Crucial

CHOICE, National Shelter and The National Association of Tenant Organisations got their heads together recently and released a report that considered the consumers’ experience of renting property in Australia. One of the report’s key claims was that more than half of all tenanted properties needed repairs to them and that … Read more »

Local Market Update – November

Sales volumes remain remarkably low across Western Australia with 6753 dwelling sales in the September quarter; about half the number compared to a decade ago. It is likely that 2018 will reveal a year similar to that of 2017 which recorded the lowest level of sales transactions since 1990. Three … Read more »

Equality Needed for First Home Buyers

When the GFC hit, the then Rudd government raised the First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG) to $14,000 for established homes and a whopping $21,000 for new builds. Whilst unsustainable long-term, the resulting economic stimulus to the building and construction sector helped carry the nation through the GFC better than any … Read more »