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Disclaimer: These comments are the writer’s own and do not necessarily reflect the current opinions and policies of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia. 

I  received an agent’s flyer in my letterbox on the weekend boasting about an “off market” sale. I’m sure the … Read more »


Buyers are often, of course, sellers too. Most people who decide to sell their home also look for an alternate property at the same time and often find something appealing before they have secured a buyer for their own.

Buying a property “subject … Read more »

Pass the Joint

Several decades ago, when the original representatives of the Law Society and the Real Estate Institute sat around discussing contractual arrangements for the sale of property, “pass the joint” meant something entirely different to an after-party at a Doors concert.

In Western Australia, the … Read more »

Selling Methods

“What’s this new Open Negotiation all about and is it as “transparent” as the agent claims?” asked a friend of mine considering a property offered for sale using this method of sale.

Conceived by some local Perth agents, this relatively new approach to … Read more »

Getting Back Your Bond

When taking on a residential tenancy, typically the owner requires the tenant to pay a security bond an amount normally equivalent to four weeks’ rent.

The bond must be paid to the government Bond Administrator, a specific government managed trust account. There are … Read more »

The Importance of Presentation

Not unlike a first date, first impressions count. Just as you would dress to impress, smell lovely and chew with your mouth closed, presenting your home for sale ought to be preened with the same level of care.
It is a good idea … Read more »

Property Taxes and Pollies

In recent state and federal elections, many of the policies of the two main opposing parties have not been that different. Not so this time around as West Australians prepare to cast their votes on 11th March.

Property related taxes have long been … Read more »

Women in Property

It would be fair to question my credentials on this topic; for obvious reasons. However, all 19 of my staff are women from a variety of backgrounds and of varying ages so I have at least some daily experiences to draw on.

Generally … Read more »

How Not to Choose Your Agent

When the time comes to sell or lease your property, would-be vendors and landlords increasingly look to the internet to help shortlist agents that might meet their needs.

Well established methods of choosing your agent such as noting the more active agents in … Read more »

Top 5 questions to ask before making an offer on a property

If you’re looking to purchase property in the near future (or even distant future) we wanted to make sure you’re making an informed decision. In this light we thought it best to ask our staff what they thought the most important questions … Read more »